YEngine sample scripts

Example Script Discription
Blimp Control controls a blimp, navigating across sim boundaries
Blimp Passenger Seats Control blimp passenger seats control, allows walking around deck
Flight 2 uses llSetVehicle…() and region_cross() event for vehicle crossing sim boundaries
Horse Control horse control, region crossing handling more than one seated avatar includes example use of Timer class (from timer.lsl)
Pirate Ship Controller similar to blimp controller
Region Cross Event simpler (than flight 2) use of llSetVehicle…() crossing sim boundary
Rummy Board rummy card game (lots of OOP usage and other language extensions)
Card Panel part of rummy card game (runs in all the card display prims and button prims)
Sailboat Control sailboat control script
Timer general timer class library, provides several independent timers in the script
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