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 +====== LSL Protocol ======
 +===== Script protocols and known chat channels =====
 +Some times, scripts in Mobius Grid send messages to one another to exchange information or coordinate behavior. The rules for that conversation are a protocol. Being able to say "/​1show"​ or "/1hug lee" are examples.
 +Such protocols use a common chat channel. The examples above use channel 1. They could just as easily have used any other number, but a user (and other objects) have to have some way to find the correct number.
 +Some protocols, such as combat systems, are quite complicated and could be better documented. This page can be used to help prevent conflicts and allow multiple programmers to coordinate the protocol definitions.
 +Protocols can also be notecard systems and systems that use object names.
 +===== Protocol list =====
 +Add a protocol here if it is widely used, or might be sometime in the future.
 +A protocol in this list should also have its own pages where the protocol is defined in some detail.
 +^  Name  ^  Creator ​ ^ Description ​ ^
 +===== Known chat channels =====
 +This list is intended to reduce the number of scripts using the same chat channel number. Please try and keep them in sequence. Note that the absence of a channel reservation in this list does not mean that channel will never be used - some scripts choose channels randomly from a very, very large range, sometimes a range of all possible channels. //Always// design your communication protocols such that invalid/​interfering messages are disposed of.
 +^  Channel ​ ^  Creator ^  Description ^  Messages ​ ^
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