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-====== ​llFunctionName ​======+====== ​llParticleSystem ​======
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
 +[[wiki:​scripting_portal:​lsl_functions:​llparticlesystem|llParticleSystem]],​ [[wiki:​scripting_portal:​lsl_functions:​lllinkparticlesystem|llLinkParticleSystem]] ​
 +These functions are almost entirely identical.
 +The big difference is that [[wiki:​scripting_portal:​lsl_functions:​llparticlesystem|llParticleSystem]] acts upon the prim the script is in, [[wiki:​scripting_portal:​lsl_functions:​lllinkparticlesystem|llLinkParticleSystem]],​ on the other hand, can act upon any prim in the object.
 ==== Example use cases: ==== ==== Example use cases: ====
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