Saving your avatar's appearance with outfits

You may save and load many different looks for your avatar by using outfits. An outfit can include everything that makes up your avatar, including but not limited to your shape, skin, hair, clothing, and attachments.

You may access your current outfits by choosing Me > Appearance… from the top menu bar in the viewer. This opens the Appearance window, which allows you to browse, edit, and save outfits.

Saving an outfit

You can easily save your current outfit by using the Appearance window:

  1. Customize your avatar's appearance to your liking. For tips and helpful information about customizing your avatar, see Controlling your avatar's appearance.
  2. Once you've settled on a look, open the Appearance window by choosing Me > Appearance… from the top menu bar of the viewer.
  3. Press the Save As button to save what you are currently wearing as a new outfit.
  4. Choose an appropriate name for your outfit and press the Ok button.

If you want to save changes to an existing outfit, you can click that outfit in the Outfit Gallery or My Outfits tab of the Appearance window to select it, then press the triangle next to the Save As button to reveal and click the Save option.

Re-using an item in multiple outfits

The items in an outfit are actually links to the items in your inventory rather than distinct copies. In addition to reducing overall inventory clutter, this allows you to include no-copy clothing and attachments in many different outfits without having to purchase them more than once.

===== The Outfit Gallery For each outfit, you can select a thumbnail image to help you remember what that outfit looks like. This can be incredibly helpful for Residents who like to maintain many different looks! You can access the Outfit Gallery by choosing Me > Appearance… from the top menu bar of the viewer and clicking the Outfit Gallery tab.

Every outfit in your inventory is shown in the Outfit Gallery; if you have not yet assigned a thumbnail image to an outfit, it is shown as a folder image with a clothing hanger on it. There are three ways to assign a thumbnail image to one of your outfits:

Upload a photo

You can upload an image from your computer to be used as the thumbnail for an outfit. The aspect ratio should be 1:1, such as a 256×256 pixel image.

  1. Open the Appearance window to the Outfit Gallery tab by choosing Me > Appearance… from the top menu bar of the viewer.
  2. Right-click the outfit for which you'd like to upload an image and select Upload Photo (₲0).
  3. Choose an image file to upload from your computer.
  4. The file is uploaded to Mobius Grid and automatically set as the thumbnail for your selected outfit. You can also now access this image in the Textures folder of your Inventory window if you wish to use it again later.
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