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 +====== Profiles ======
 +As a [[wiki:​knowledge_base:​glossary:​resident|Resident]] of Mobius Grid, you have a profile that you can customize to share more about yourself. It is opt-in and can be a lot of fun to fill out. Why bother? Many fellow Residents surf profiles, and if you're open to making new friends, a completed profile makes you a much more fascinating person to get in touch with. 
 +===== How to view and edit your profile =====
 +Depending on which you prefer, you can view your profile on the web:
 +  - Go to [[https://​mobiusgrid.us]] and **Log In**.
 +  - Login with your username and password.
 +  - Once logged in and go to the **My Account** page and edit your profile.
 +In the Viewer:
 +  - Select Me > Profile...
 +  - Right-click your avatar and select My Profile.
 +  - OR, in the toolbar at the bottom of the Viewer window, click the Profile button.
 +===== Fill out your profile to show off your personality =====
 +On the Profile tab of Profile Settings (accessed with the Gear icon on the left sidebar of your profile window), you may fill out the following optional fields:
 +  * Profile Picture
 +  * Display Name
 +  * Biography
 +  * Interests
 +  * Homepage
 +  * Social Identities
 +  * Partner
 +  * Real World Profile Picture
 +  * Real World Biography
 +Remember that everything in your profile is optional; if you are uncomfortable sharing your real life identity or social identities, you can either leave them blank or update your privacy settings accordingly. ​
 +===== Keep it suitable for everyone =====
 +{{:​official_information_and_policies_portal:​mobius_team:​policies:​warning.png?​nolink&​20|}}Important:​ Content in profiles must be General{{:​wiki:​knowledge_base:​parcel_lght_g.png?​nolink&​20|}} and must obey the [[https://​mobiusgrid.us/​index.php/​community/​terms-of-service|Terms of Service]] and __Community Standards__. ​
 +===== How do I grant permission to a friend to see when I'm online/see me on the map/edit my objects? ======
 +In any profile window:
 +  - Click the People icon in the profile window.
 +  - On the Friends tab, find the friend whose permissions you wish to edit, then click the Gear icon next to that friend'​s name.
 +  - Choose Permissions to open a Permissions dialog.
 +  - Check the boxes for permissions you want your friend to have, then click Save.
 +Remember to be careful when granting permission to Edit, delete, or take my objects, since this gives your friend permission to edit and delete all your objects! ​ However, this permission does not grant your friends permission to access your inventory. ​
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