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 +====== Joining and participating in groups ======
 +===== Overview of groups =====
 +Groups provide a way for you to socialize, share interests, and collaborate with others on projects. ​ You can belong to as many as 250 groups at one time.  However, you may have only one active group at a time.  Your active group determines the title displayed by default above your avatar name in world. ​
 +===  Group members: ===
 +  * Can participate in group text chat and voice chat sessions with others in the group. ​ See Group communication.
 +  * Recieve group notices to others in the group; certain members have the right to send notices if they have the required ability. ​ See Working with group notices.
 +  * Can get group dividends and pay group liabilities. ​ Any Linden dollars paid to the group are paid out evenly to all group members each day.  See Group dividends and liabilities.
 +  * Can jointly own land, with each member making a contribution to help pay for the land's cost.  See Group-owned land.
 +  * Can jointly own objects deeded to the group.
 +Access to land parcels may be restricted by group membership. ​ Also, scripted objects may be usable only by members of specific groups.
 +This article provides an introduction to groups primarily for group members. ​ For more on groups, and for information for group owners and managers, see Creating, managing, moderating, and disbanding groups. ​
 +===== Basic concepts: roles, titles, and abilities =====
 + Each group has a set of roles that can be assigned to members. ​ Each role has an associated title and set of abilities that determine what members in that role can do. One person can have multiple roles in a group.
 +By default, all groups start with three roles:
 +  * **Owners:** Group owners have full control over their group and have access to all group abilities. This role can't be deleted, edited, or hidden. ​ The person who creates the group is initially the owner. The default title is "​Owner."​
 +  * **Officers:​** Officers have more abilities than regular members, such as the ability to invite others to the group or eject members. ​ The default title is "​Officer."​
 +  * **Everyone:​** All members in the group have this role that defines baseline abilities. ​ The default title is "​Member."​
 +Note: The ability to change roles, titles, role visibility, and abilities is itself an ability. The group owner always has this and all other abilities. ​
 +=== Titles ===
 +The title of your role in your currently active group is shown by default above your display name in world. ​ For information on how to change your group title, see Controlling group titles.
 +=== Abilities ===
 +The abilities of your roles determine what you can do in a group. ​ There is a wide range of abilities available. ​ The owner role always has all the abilities. ​ Abilities are provided to control group membership, roles, parcel management, and object management.
 +For more information,​ see Managing abilities. ​
 +====  Active group ====
 +Although you may belong to many groups, you have only one active group at any one time.  Your currently active group determines, for example, the title displayed above your name tag.  See Changing your active group and title for more information.
 +==== Open and closed groups ====
 +There are two basic types of groups:
 +  * Open groups are available for anyone to join if they wish.
 +  * Closed groups require an invitation from an existing group officer to join.
 +Either type of group may have a GloeBit cost to join.
 +==== Group visibility in your profile ====
 +By default, others can see the groups to which you belong in your profile.
 +To hide a group so that it does not appear in your profile:
 +  - Choose **Communicate > Groups** or right-click on yourself and choose **My Groups**.
 +  - Click the group you want to hide 
 +  - Click **Group Profile**.
 +  - Deselect **Show in my profile**.
 +  - Click **Save**.
 +===== Joining a group =====
 +There are two ways to join a group:
 +  * A group member can invite you.  This is the only way you can join a closed group.
 +  * You can join an open group on your own initiative.
 +==== Being invited to join a group ====
 +You must be invited to join a closed group; you may also be invited to join an open group or you can join on your own.  ​
 +When you are invited to join a group, a notification appears in your Viewer. If you wish to join, click **\Accept**. If not, click **Decline**.
 +Tip: If you do not know the Resident who sent you the group invitation or want to learn more about the group before accepting, click the Infobutton to see the group'​s profile. ​
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