Getting support for Third-Party Viewers

What is a Third-Party Viewer (TPV)?

A Third-Party Viewer (TPV) is a piece of software created by individuals or groups other than Mobius Team which is used to access Mobius Grid. Examples include chat clients, programs to operate automated accounts (bots), or full-scale clients to interact with Mobius Grid in much the same way that the Mobius Viewer operates.

I have a problem. Is it my viewer, or is it the service?

Identifying the source of a performance problem can sometimes be difficult. Problems can exist in the viewer, which runs on your computer, or with the service that the viewer connects to, including the servers and network infrastructure that run Mobius Grid's virtual world.

One relatively simple way to determine the source of a problem is to try to reproduce the issue on a different viewer. If a problem exists on two or more different viewers, the issue is probably with the service or the network connection between your viewer and service – both viewers connect to the same service by the same internet connection. If the problem continues to exist after switching viewers, this points to a problem in something those two viewers share – in this case, the service or the connection.

If only one of the viewers has the issue, then the problem is with the viewer and you should seek support from the organization that created that viewer.

Does this mean I have to switch viewers to get support?

You do not need to switch viewers in order to get support from Mobius Team. Our support staff frequently suggests to Residents experiencing performance problems that they should attempt to replicate the problem using a different viewer – ideally, one that is significantly different from the one they are currently using.

Switching viewers is a temporary diagnostic action; once the source of the problem is identified, Residents should be able to continue using their usual viewer of choice.

If the performance problem is related to the Mobius Grid service, a network issue, or can be reliably reproduced on multiple viewers, the Mobius Grid support team can provide assistance. Often the quickest way to receive assistance with a performance issue is to visit our Support Portal for tutorials, and our Knowledge Base.

I have a problem that occurs on a specific Third-Party Viewer. What can I do?

Most Third-Party Viewer developers are extremely passionate and active about maintaining their work, and many offer support services for their viewer and code. Many TPVs are updated with bug fixes on a regular basis and developers frequently encourage feedback and bug reports to help improve their projects.

Contacting Mobius Grid Support

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