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Live Performances

Types of Live Performances

  • Spoken word (poetry, fiction or other reading)
  • Live musical performers (vocalists/instrumentalists with or without “backing tracks”)
  • Theatrical performance (plays, dramatic productions)
  • Dance
  • DJ/Scratch
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Improvisational Graphics

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Live Performance In Mobius Grid?

A live performance in Mobius Grid is presented by a person who is represented in-world by an avatar, and is creating the performance in real-time, streaming the audio (or audio and video) portions into Mobius Grid as they are being created.

Playing back a previously recorded performance, whether audio, video or Mobius Grid machinima, is generally not considered to be a live performance if there are no live elements performed while the audience is watching the show.

Playing a show in Mobius Grid is done by sending a live music stream from your own computer to a Shoutcast or Icecast server, and mapping the server's stream URL to a parcel of land in Mobius Grid. People who visit the parcel in Mobius Grid will hear the live music stream. Musicians are also typically logged into Mobius Grid at the same time as they are performing, so they can chat with the audience between songs and even take requests!

Where can I go check out a concert?

Log into the Mobius Grid website, look at the Event Calendar page and you'll immediately see a list of upcoming Live Music events and venues. Click on the one you find interesting, and you can teleport right to it. Be sure you have had the “play streaming music” option turned on in the Viewer's Audio Preferences (Viewer: Me > Preferences). When you are on a parcel of land that has streaming music, a small Music Control window will automatically pop up on your screen. Click the play button, and you're listening to music…live!

How do I host a Live Music event?

Landowners in Mobius Grid can stream music to their parcels to be enjoyed by anyone who visits their land. If you own a parcel of land, you can set a “Music URL” specific for your land. This “Music URL” can be MPEG-audio (.mp2, .mp3) and Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) from streaming servers or a basic web server. Anyone visiting your land in Second Life will automatically hear the music you wish to share with them.

I'm a DJ. Can I spin records in Mobius Grid?

Absolutely! It basically works the same way as described above for musicians. There are many popular clubs in Mobius Grid full of Residents who socialize and dance the night away, listening to live DJs who can take requests from the audience during their set. Alternatively, you could build your own club on your own land, creating not only the musical experience for your audience but also the entire virtual venue. Who Is Involved With Mobius Grid Live Performance?

  • Performers
  • audience
  • Talent agents/managers/promoters
  • Venue operators
  • Sponsors
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