Controlling your avatar's appearance

Introduction to avatars in Mobius Grid.

Your avatar is your representative in Mobius Grid. By controlling your avatar, you can explore, interact with Mobius Grid, and communicate with other avatars controlled by Mobius Grid users.

Because avatars represent you, they are an important form of self-expression and the first thing many new users want to do after arriving in Mobius Grid is customize their avatar's appearance. There are many, many options for customizing your look, and there is a huge market on the hypergrid for user-designed body shapes, clothing, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and even complete avatars. This article will help you take your first steps toward finding a style that you and your avatar can be proud of.

Using the Avatar Picker to choose a pre-made avatar

Customizing a legacy style avatar

It is important to know that customizing a “legacy” avatar in Mobius Grid works a bit differently than customizing other types of avatars. A legacy avatar is a humanoid avatar that has been created and customized using a combination of the built-in body part sliders, texture-based clothing, and avatar attachments. Legacy avatars give you a lot of control over the details of your avatar's appearance but are not designed to take advantage of recent developments in computer graphics technology, such as rigged mesh or normal and specular mapping.

Understanding and customizing rigged mesh-style avatars

In addition to the “legacy” avatars, you have the option of selecting one of the many newer rigged mesh-style avatars. These consist of a custom 3D mesh character model that is worn as an attachment and overlaid on top of the skeleton of a legacy avatar. The legacy avatar itself is typically hidden by an alpha mask, but the uploaded 3D model still makes use of the legacy avatar's joints and animations.

This type of avatar allows 3D content creators to design models in a third-party tool such as Maya or Blender, allowing them to take advantage of the latest graphics updates to Mobius Grid and create highly detailed human and non-humanoid avatar forms. However, due to their nature as an overlay on top of a hidden legacy avatar, mesh avatars may not wear the texture-based clothing made for legacy avatars. Mesh avatars may also have difficulty interacting with attachments, accessories or animations that were originally intended for legacy avatars; for help finding appropriate clothing, see Buying clothing that fits your avatar.

Getting a rigged mesh avatar from a Marketplace

Because mesh avatars are designed by a variety of content creators, the process of obtaining and wearing a mesh avatar may vary greatly by the merchant; the following is a generic scenario:

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