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 ====== Community Resources Portal ====== ====== Community Resources Portal ======
 +Mobius Team supports and partners with the Mobius Grid community by providing many self-service promotional channels and opportunities.
 +There are several resources to help you successfully promote your Mobius Grid presence to both new and existing users.
 +Please review Community Participation Guidelines. ​
 +^ Mobius Grid Resources ^ Social Media Resources ^
 +| Get involved! Participate and promote your community. | Promote your communities and connect with the official Mobius presence in these social media channels: |
 +|  | **Facebook**:​ “Like” the official [[https://​www.facebook.com/​MobiusGrid/​|Mobius Grid Facebook page]], and comment and upload images to our wall. Have your own fan page? Share the link on our wall and we'll usually fan your page. |
 +|  | [[official_information_and_policies_portal:​mobius_team:​twitter|Twitter]]:​ [[https://​twitter.com/​mobius_team|Follow Mobius Grid on Twitter]] and use current Mobius-related hashtags. Have a Twitter account? Follow @Mobius_Team and we'll usually follow you back |
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