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 +====== Avatar attachments ======
 +Any object in your inventory can be attached to your avatar and worn as part of an outfit. Examples of attachments include customized hair, jewelry, shoes, weapons, and other accessories. Attachments may contain scripts, but they do not count against a land parcel'​s object limit. ​
 +===== Adding attachments to your avatar =====
 +The easiest way to add an attachment to your avatar is to click the **Inventory** button on the left side of the Viewer window, find the attachment in My Inventory, right-click it, and select **Wear**. This causes the object to attach to your avatar at its last known attachment point and rotation; if you position a hat object on your avatar'​s head and then remove it, it will reattach itself in the same location next time you wear it. If the object has never been attached to an avatar, choosing **Wear** attaches it to your avatar'​s right hand, replacing any attachment that is currently worn on that attachment point.
 +If you wish to attach an object to a specific part of your avatar'​s body, find it in your inventory, right-click it, select **Attach To**, and then select an attachment point. Attachments move and rotate relative to the attachment point to which they are attached. For example, a wristwatch object attached to your avatar'​s left forearm moves with his arm, even if you use the Build Tools to edit its location.
 +To wear multiple attachments on a single attachment point, find an additional attachment in your inventory, right-click it, and select **Add** or **Attach To**. Add works similarly to **Wear** but does not replace existing attachments.
 +===== Editing attachments =====
 +You can use the Build Tools to edit or adjust attachments on your avatar. However, some building options (such as linking and physics) are unavailable while the object is attached to your avatar. Residents commonly edit attachments in order to fit hair, clothing, and accessories properly to their avatars'​ unique proportions.
 +==== Removing attachments from your avatar ====
 +To remove an attachment from your avatar, find it in your inventory, right-click it, and select **Detach From Yourself**. Objects worn by your avatar appear in bold text in your inventory along with a note showing where each object is attached. You can also right-click directly on the object and select **Detach**.  ​
 +**Note:** Remember that you can only remove objects made of prims; you cannot take off any body part but must replace one with another of the same kind, or edit the one you're wearing. For more information,​ see Editing your appearance. ​
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