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This wiki is a work in progress and any information on here is subject to change either by editing or removal. Most information here should apply to other OpenSimulator (OS) 0.9.1 based worlds using ubOde physics and the lsl scripting engine known as YEngine, but not all.

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The official Mobius Grid Knowledge Base. User Groups: Meet the staff and discuss Mobius Grid developments
Glossary - Account - Avatar Articles- Troubleshooting Articles Good Building Practices
Official Information and Policies Portal Creation Portal
Official information from Mobius Team on Mobius Grid policies and related information. Information about building and designing in Mobius Grid.
Scripting Portal Clothing - Machinima - Music - Textures - Sculpted Prims - Mesh - LightShare/WindLight - Video Tutorials - Good Building Practices - ubOde
A reference guide to Linden Scripting Language (LSL). Bring inworld objects to life! Community Resources Portal
Functions - Events - Types - Operators - Constants - Flow Control - Yoptions - Script Library - Categorized Library - Tutorials - YEngine - ubOde Resources to help you successfully promote your Mobius Grid presence to both new and existing users.
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